The Atma

I come from a family with salt in their veins (well on my dad’s side anyway, my mother’s I know nothing about). As far back as our family’s remembrance goes every branch of my one sided tree holds some sea faring adventure that could be brought to life around the dinner table: Stories of sunsets, storms and foreign lands, Stories of the brilliance of nature, the madness of man and the magical expanse of the ocean. It was soon to be no different for me.


It was the eve of my journey and exactly one year since my dad died. I had just finished my university degree, a bachelor of marine science,which I had promised my dad I would complete. The first of the spring time northerly winds were just beginning to blow heralding the time for my departure. From tomorrow my life would be governed by wind and tide so tonight I took the opportunity to enjoy the stable comfort of land. I sat on the veranda of our little green fibro house that looked across the pebbled beach and out into Oyster Bay. Beyond the bay lay the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean of which I would be traversing from North Queensland to Tasmania.

All in all, there are only four houses in Oyster Bay, and all are much the same. They were built in the 1950’s as part of an oyster farm that no longer remains. To everyone else Oyster Bay pretty much does not exist. We have electricity but no town water, letter boxes or rubbish collection, and a 4WD is a must to make your way into civilization over an 80 kilometer bumpy, windy, narrow track. But hey, there are no complaints from us.


I had almost suffocated the three years I was at university cooped up in the city, living in student accommodation. Every day I had wanted to come home. To me Oyster Bay was home and our sail boat Atma was my second home, but I had made a promise to dad. It was important for him that I get an education and a job that did not involve working on boats, much to my disdain. I had always dreamed of being a professional mariner like him, but at the start of high school he brought that dream quickly to a halt once he realized that I was serious and had not yet outgrown my childhood ideal to follow in his footsteps. He told me that I could mess around in boats as much as I like for recreation but not for a career. So that is how I came to study marine science. It was the only other thing that I had any remote interest in. (a compromise, as I would still get to be on the water)

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Helping Heroes Fly Act – Thanking Real Heroes of the Nation

A country can never thank his national heroes, army and soldiers who sacrifice their family, change their lifestyles and in the end sacrifice their lives for their country. A soldier is the most controlled and faithful person in a nation. A soldier follows the orders of his superiors. He stands heroically before his enemies.

The term ‘soldier’ gives us a selfless feeling. He always strives for the safety and security of others. They make sure that we sleep in peace, when they are wide awake. Whenever the country is in a crisis, we see soldiers on their toes. During a flood we see soldiers giving a helping hand. When there is an epidemic it is the soldiers who will be in the forefront providing people with food and necessities and even the necessary medicines.

Wounded soldiers arrive for the opening of The Center for the Intrepid in Fort Sam Houston, TX, Jan. 29, 2007. The dedication ceremony for the Center for the Intrepid -- a $50 million, 65000 square foot, state-of-the-art physical rehabilitation center -- and two new Fisher Houses for hospitalized military members' families. Dept. of Defense photo by Staff Sgt. D. Myles Cullen (released)

Some of the soldiers come back home after a war, injured, paralyzed and disabled. Such veterans deserve all the respect and love we can give to them. These veterans are the true pride of the country.

The soldiers of USA have been through a lot. From seeing 9/11, to dealing with Taliban to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Also, the recent bombings in our cities Boston and Texas have terrorized the nation and calls for the army to take everything in control.

In 2013, a bill called the Helping Heroes Fly Act was passed as an initiative to honor and facilitate the disabled members of Armed Forces of the USA.

President Obama has signed the H.R.1344 or the Helping Heroes Fly Act. It is an act that aims to improve the security screening process in the airport for disabled or wounded veterans or those who have rendered their services to the public. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard was the one who introduced the bill in March, which made it to the House of Representative of the U.S through a unanimous passage. This bill aims to help the servicemen to return to their home and have their life back as soon as possible and without undergoing any difficulties as well. Also, as these veterans are already old enough, there is no need for them to wait any longer just so they would be reunited with their family again.

It directs the Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security to develop and implement a process to ease traveling process for severely injured or disabled Armed Forces members and veterans, and their accompanying family members or nonmedical attendants. It also asks to provide expedited passenger screening services to these honored veterans prior to boarding a passenger aircraft. An operations center is to be provided for the movement of such injured members and veterans. A screening shall also be carried out in this center.

According to this well laid proposal by Hawaii representative Tulsi Gabbard, this act also requires the Assistant Secretary to create and publish specific protocols for severely injured or disabled veterans and Armed Forces member. The Assistant Secretary shall integrate training on the protocols and the training is to be provided to all employees who will regularly provide the passenger screening services. If the process misses out any deserving veteran, their family members are requested to contact the operations center and request screening services for them. The assistant secretary is obliged to report the Congress every year about the implementation and progress of this program.

If we trace back the origin of the Act, we can’t afford to miss the main propounder of this historic bill. Yes we are talking about Tulsi Gabbard, the most talented, dynamic and energetic U.S. House of Representatives for Hawaiʻi’s 2nd Congressional District. She is very strong on values and at the same time she has a soft heart for those heroes at the war field. She has been very instrumental in carving a lot of policies for the war veterans. Just seeing the huge success of her first bill, she has proved herself again. If you see the voting statistics, it was 413-0, it’s unbelievable, and this proves the magnanimity of Tulsi Gabbard. Her main motive was to grant a dignified flying experience for the veteran warriors of the nation. Her life is completely dedicated for helping others.

What paved way for Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard to introduce the H.R.1344?

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is a veteran that has been deployed twice. Apart from that, she was a member of the Army International Guard of Hawaii. She had come to a decision to introduce this bill after hearing saddening stories of the veterans and the members of the Armed Forces noticing inconsistencies and the lack of privacy in the screening process of those who have been wounded or injured while serving the country. A soft hearted Tulsi could not tolerate these woes, some have even shared their stories on how they were asked to remove prosthetics as well as clothing including their belt, jacket, and shoe and having to undergo the screening machines without even a prosthetic limb or leg. Some have even shared how difficult their experience was and how inconvenient it has been for them. She was deeply concerned for them, which resulted to this bill being passed. For her, this bill serves as a way for acknowledging and respecting all the contributions and sacrifices of the veterans. After all, they have spent their life serving and fighting for the country. Coupled with voice of conviction and respectful spirit, Tulsi Gabbard said in a statement, “For this reason, they rightfully deserve to have a dignified screening process”.

What does this Helping Heroes Fly Act cover?

The bill states that the airport screening of the disabled or severely injured veterans would be speed up. It also states that the Wounded Warrior Screening Program would be made permanent and that the veterans would be shown the appreciation that they deserve. Annual reports are also required by the Congress to be submitted by the Assistant Secretary. It’s not only that for the Transportation Security Agency is also required to train all the screeners in the airport about the protocols included in the program in order to avoid discrepancies on how they treat the wounded warriors. The officials of the said agency is also asked to consult organizations whose advocacy is to help veterans in order to ensure that there would not be a problem in implementing this program. With these things being covered by this respectful bill by Tulsi gabbard , it has received the support of various organizations. As a matter of fact, it has even been endorsed by the Disabled Veterans of America, American Legion, Paralyzed Veterans of America, American Federation of Government Employees and the Wounded Warrior Project.

What are the advantages of the H.R.1344?

Just like the name of the bill states, it offers advantages to the veterans including making it easier for them to undergo through the security screening in the airport. According to Tulsi, Under this one, the Homeland Security Assistant Secretary is required to develop as well as implement a process that would provide the veterans an ease of travel. This has served as the solution to the problem of veterans who feels uncomfortable and embarrassed traveling by air. Also, such processes involved in it are time consuming as well and so, this bill would surely help them a lot. Also, it would serve as the country’s way of providing courtesy and respect for all the things they have done for the country.

Tulsi Gabbard, a former soldier always advocates the well being of the army men. It has been said that the country has the duty to honor all those who have rendered services for the benefit of the country, especially those who have suffered from injuries and disabilities. Through this bill, the veterans and their families as well can ensure that they would be treated with dignity and respect as they travel. This is because it aims to remove the burden of them undergoing unnecessary screening procedures. This only means that they could now undergo through the screening process comfortably as they return to their own homes. The disabled and injured veterans can also ensure that they would be given support as they go through passenger screening before they board a passenger aircraft as the Assistant Secretary is required to maintain an operations centers to facilitate their movement.

Tulsi always raised voice for the deservings. She mentioned, if you have already experienced traveling overseas, perhaps, you already know how time-consuming passenger screening is. However, we cannot deny the fact that such process is important, especially as the security of the nation might be put at risk, This is for the reason that it is the process that ensures that all passengers who would be boarding the plane does not carry any dangerous weapon. Thus, the carry-on baggage needs to be placed in the x-ray equipment and the body of the passenger is also inspected. However, since we are talking about the people who have risked their lives to the point where they have become disabled and injured for the sake of the country, there is no reason for them to undergo such troubles. When this bill was passed in the House presented by Tulsi, many were filled with joy, knowing that the President of the United States has finally signed this bill, making it effective for the sake of the veterans.

With the Helping Heroes Fly Act being passed and observed for the last 3 years, people are now again looking forward to the house bills aiming to help veterans to be passed in the future. Many people believe that it is just right for the country to implement measures that helps the servicemen. This only goes to show that the time they have spent in rendering services for the country has never been put into waste, considering the fact that they are greatly appreciated by the community. Such things will help us and our younger generation value and remember the contribution of the heroes to our country. The country will memorialize those sacrificial heroes and at the same time acknowledge who have served and who are wounded. This step and success is truly attributed to Tulsi Gabbard.

People need to rise in strong support of H.R. 1344, the Helping Heroes Fly Act of 2013. They need to support this legislation because it facilitates and eases the lives of veterans. Obit is a thoughtful and kind gesture that proves that humanity and love still exists in the world. These strong soldiers, these veterans because of whom we sleep peacefully at night because they are up all night guarding our borders, guarding our children, fighting for the country. When these veterans come home disabled, injured, with prostheses and other wounds, it is heart breaking; heart shattering to see their lives will never be the same again. They require love, respect and acknowledgement; exactly what this Act is trying to provide.

More than 2.2 million veterans, that means one in every 10, have been disabled or terribly injured in the service of the Nation. They have lost their body parts just for their nation. Believe it or not, many things gets changed for such people. They have seen their pals dying and still they do not lose the spirit and keep on fighting. Research says that veteran finds it twice as hard to adapt to civilian life as when they joined army life. This is probably the least we can offer in comparison to what they have done for the country. To make their lives a little less burdensome and difficult is the least thing we can offer to people who deserve all the good facilities available in the world.

Tulsi said, Let’s give them respect for what they have done to secure the homeland and to make us safer. Respecting someone doesn’t mean you are constantly thanking them for their service. It means that you treat them like a valuable member of society. Let’s not leave these national heroes alone. Let us help them in their hour of pain and take responsibility of their woes. Let us facilitate them to the best of our abilities. Do your part and stand in favor of this act today.

According to the prime advocate Tulsi Gabbard, one of the factors of this particular legislative initiative that is good is that, wherever you land, sometimes it may not be your home airport–every airport is different—and they work themselves up to make sure that they make it exciting and confusing. The Helping Heroes Fly Act improves airport security screening processes for wounded and severely disabled service members and veterans. More importantly, they help that our nation’s heroes are shown the respect and appreciation of a grateful nation.

According to role model Tulsi Gabbard, this initiative is a very kind and a remarkable way of paying homage to the veterans and their families. True humanity and patriotism lies if we never forget our national heroes or take them for granted.  Being the best nation in the world, USA is a role model for other nations. Let’s become role model in real terms by respecting and valuing those who have served their country with all their heart and soul. Let’s tell the world how united we are and how proud we are of our army. Let’s not be among those who are selfish enough to forget the services provided to them. Such acts should be supported and practiced with full vigor, enthusiasm and support. Moreover, more Acts like these should be created, supported and maintained to show our obligation and gratefulness.

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Learn the Secrets of Success from Top Business Leaders

Success is drawn out of a very thin line between believing oneself and quitting. Success, in fact, is a huge phenomenon which is not easily quantifiable on few criteria. A solid reflection of success always flares up from the life of successful entrepreneurs. With a dynamic nature of their work, it isn’t exaggerated if said; they are the most vulnerable group of people in the debate of success and failure. Their gains are either very large or their losses are enormous. However, the making of a successful business leader is very unlike undergoing a course of merit and guaranteeing you a job. It’s much bigger than that. Each step, each day, bring a plethora of learning and practical experience for you. Business leaders and their biographies are such an inspiration for the whole world that anyone can learn a lot out of them. In our endeavor to understand secrets of success of business leaders, let’s analyze three famous business barons of the world and their respective beliefs.

Warren Buffet and His Secrets

Warren Buffet, an investor, whose fortune is worth $70 billion today, started his journey from the ground level. In 1950, he was worth less than $10,000, but he always knew, that’s not his worth. This man of distant vision kept his investments working for him. One can easily say, it is luck, but then even luck is got to be lucky to click on so many occasions for someone to succeed. The credit of Warren Buffet’s success is clearly owed to his business secrets and beliefs that have been part of a journey of most famous business leader.


Invest in Yourself: On Good Morning America, Warren Buffet once said, “Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do– anything that improves your own talents.” Isn’t that so true? Your whole lifespan can fall short if you have a knack for learning new things. But, a wise man can surely identify the things, education, training, etc, one need to possess in order to excel in his respective field. These facets of life do always help you to improve and reach higher milestones once older ones are reached.

Change your Bad Habits: We all have bad habits, irrespective of what profession we are in. But, very few only realize their bad quality. And in a worst case scenario, even after identifying their bad habits, you are entrapped in it. In a lecture to University of Florida students, Warren Buffet said, “I see people with these self-destructive behavior patterns. They really are entrapped in them.” He also believed that bad habits are very easy to get ridden off at a young age and eventually it becomes harder to overcome it, as people grow older. He thinks it’s relatively comfortable to throw away your bad habit at its early stage, as once it becomes stronger a habit; things won’t be easy at all to conquer.

Never Risk Something, which is very important: Taking risk is one of those difficult things that entrepreneurs have to do more often than not for their business. Lecturing to a class of the University of Florida, Warren Buffet explained, why not to take a risk with something that is important, for a thing which is not very important. The whole notion here is to understand your priorities before taking a risk. The great man with experience said, “It’s not that taking risk is wrong, but do it only for right reasons.” He always believed, “Doesn’t matter what are odds of your success with a risk, if you are taking a risk with something very important to you, for something that is not very important, then that risk in not worth taking, no matter what.”

Warren Buffet’s secrets undoubtedly are the essence of few decades and tested over a period of time.

Steve Jobs and His Vision

Steve Jobs is considered as one of the most creative people in this contemporary group of world’s leading entrepreneurs. His entrepreneurial acumen was spotless, and his secrets of success are sublime. As a young entrepreneur, one will never ignore his genius while learning the tricks of becoming successful. This man’s vision is one of the reasons, why Apple Inc. is the largest brand in the world today. Hopefully, his secrets to success will inspire us.

changing the world steve-jobs quotes

Do What You Love and Love What You Do: Mr. Steve Jobs had a strong belief that “People with passion will change the world for better.” With that, he meant people who are passionate for their work are more likely to make the world a better place. Therefore, it is important that you know what you are passionate about and do the work you love. Only then you will love what you have done.

Connect with Experienced People: Jobs always believed that people with more life experiences are more likely to bring about changes which can benefit the whole world. He used to say, “Creativity is connecting things.” According to Jobs, one should connect with people from various fields. This opens up completely new horizons for you as a person and as an entrepreneur as well. He always wanted people to connect with ideas from different learning fields, as it helps creative people to connect with each other.

Ability to Make Right Choices: As a leader, Steve Jobs always believed in making right choices. When Jobs joined Apple in 1997, in two years he brought down Apple’s 350 products catalog to 10 flagship products. By taking this step, he wanted his best team to work on each flagship product and focus on its development. After employing these changes, he was also able to concentrate on improving Apple’s products and bringing best out of his creative team.

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Swallowed By The TV

I am staying at an elderly relative’s place. She keeps busy with crafts and Italian classes, cross word puzzles, and electronic jigsaws and patience games to exercise the brain and pass the time. She has an active social life, does tai chi and gardens, reads and goes to movies with friends. And watches TV. My next door neighbor, a still older woman, widowed, is visited regularly by her large and attentive family. She no longer is up to gardening, and her social circle has been more than decimated by the grim reaper. When she is alone at home, which is most of the time, she watches TV.


I used to live in a block of flats on a surf beach on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. In the flat below us lived an old retired couple. From what they described, and as evidenced by their few mementos, they used to have a busy life, with hobbies such gardening, painting and sewing. The husband still would go for short walks along the waterfront, but his wife was semi crippled. Basically her life was spent sitting in a chair watching TV. I have found some enchanting videos in this YouTube Channel , please check one of that below:

I also have spent many hours, days and weeks swallowed by the TV. As a child I differed from my siblings in that often I preferred to curl up with a book, but as a young adult, unemployed, unenthusiastic about life, I burrowed into watching day time soaps: The Bold and the Beautiful, Dallas reruns, the Days of Our Lives. (The irony of this last choice was the that theme song should have alerted me to the way the way I was letting life drip through my fingers: “Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives.” ) Eventually I cured the addiction by only ever watching the story-lines I already knew, and muting when new story lines came up, until all the stories I was watching fizzled out. Time went by and I began to spend some years working a full week for money, but remained unenthusiastic about life, so life was work, and eating, sleeping, reading, and watching TV. Often all at once.

Television is our surrogate life. We watch imaginary relationships. They become part of our inner world. We discuss the characters during tea-breaks at work, and hang out to see them again, even lust over them. We feel a personal loss when a series end, as if mourning the death of the characters we have become attached to. We may even be nostalgic for the TV sets we have been mentally living in. Think of the bar in Cheers, “where everybody knows your name”, the well set up apartments of Friends, Jerry Seinfeld’s insular world, made more appealing by the fact that Jerry Seinfeld the actor is acting Jerry Seinfeld the character.

This idea that we are relating to a “real person” is a large part of the appeal of reality TV, the Batchelor, the Biggest Loser, the Kardashians etc. I am going to skip over the darker worlds of Breaking Bad, Dexter, and the various vampire Goth fantasies, which all happened outside my TV watching periods. The previous era of Coronation Street also slipped past me, though the sound of it echoed through my childhood dreams. But the fantasies of Lost in Space, I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched all captured me at some time. And I was drawn in by my father’s penchant for Star-trek. As for that perennial personality, Dr Who, he did not fully claim me, though I constantly flirted, and I can understand the appeal of any world but this that we endure from day to day. However I am glad to say I escaped the life of those whose time revolves around sci-fi reruns.

Part of the appeal of watching television is the satisfaction one gets by vicariously solving the problems and dilemmas laid out in front of us, resolving the stress we have been purposely put into. As if WE have achieved something! Our emotions are massaged and stroked, pulled this way and that by flickers of light on a screen. It is all unreal, yet it starts to live in our heads. It’s bizarre. And sad. We may not see that for ourselves, but truly, if you stand back and observe someone else spending a major part of their life sitting in front of the flat screen, do you not feel pity for that person? And yet… is it so very different from how we interact with the “real world”?

The yogis would say not. The yogi through the spiritual vision of transcendental wisdom sees that the forms of the world are not real. They are a misty collection of atoms, more space than solid, that come together for some time and then disperse, just as the pixels on the screen light up and die down again, shaping and reshaping temporary forms on the screen. They are impermanent and ever changing. Even the mountains are eventually worn down to dust. And how much more flimsy is a human body, that is in constant flux, with cells dying and being replaced, atoms and molecules passing through like water through a waterfall, so that within 5 years the entire body is replaced, atom by atom. This very idea is factually proven and elaborated very nicely by Spiritual Teacher Jagad Guru in this video below. Then even that changing waterfall dries up for good within 100 years. In fact the yogi sees the entire world as being like a TV studio, with changing sets for each new program, and changing roles and costumes and makeup. It is all ephemeral.

Such yogis and ancient yoga texts or scriptures say there is another world, imperishable and more promising than that of Dr Who or Star Trek, Cheers or Game of Thrones. That other world is distinguished from the world of temporary forms by its permanence and stability. The forms in that world are not separate from the reality of things. They are not temporary. They actually exist. In this material world nothing has an enduring existence except for the most basic and subtle energy which is the substrata of the material world. Continue reading →

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We experience it in the world around us, and in our own lives; the “ups” and “downs”, “goods” and “bads”. Sometimes we welcome it, though most times it comes unexpectedly and can be quite overwhelming.

But should we be affected by all this change, however stressful it may sometimes be? Should we let ourselves be taken around on an endless roller-coaster ride?


Well of course not!

So how can we go about undisturbed by the circus of life?

The answer lies in the Bhagavad-Gita As It Is, an ancient Vedic scripture with the knowledge of our essence, purpose, and function.

There it states that we are not these material bodies which are ever-changing and growing, eventually dying, but in fact, we are the constant, eternal, individual spirit soul in the body. Just as we cover our bodies with different layers of clothes, we the spirit souls in these bodies, are covered by the mind, and the physical material body.

As the embodied soul continually passes, in this body, from boyhood to youth to old age, the soul similarly passes into another body at death. The self-realized soul is not bewildered by such a change.” – Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2, text 13.

So knowing that we are not the body, that we are the constant person among all this change and movement, we can be more at ease. In the Vedic scriptures, there is a phrase to help us remember this: “Aham brahmasmi”, “I am spirit, not matter.” To know who you are in essence, position and function, please click here.

Whether things are going our way or not, we can always think back to this phrase and be at peace.

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American Independence Day & Importance of Democracy

Independence came to full swing in the nineteenth century post World War II, bringing an end to colonialism. Every nation wants to form a state which is governed by its own people without being controlled and influenced by external forces.

In United States of America, feeling of nationalism took birth in the seventeenth century, also known as American Revolution.“Taxation without representation!” was the battle cry in America’s 13 colonies, which were forced to pay taxes to England’s King George III despite having no representation in the British Parliament. As frustration prevailed nationalistic feelings arose among the people of United States which rejected the aristocracy of the Great Britain. Drafted and signed by “Thomas Jefferson” United States declared independence on July 4, 1776.


In America 4th July is a public holiday and celebrated with extreme patriotism. Flags are displayed outside houses and office buildings, emphasizing on traditional political freedom struggle. Public events are held; political leaders come up with national’s speeches accompanied with patriotic music such as “God Bless America” and national anthem. Not to forget about the fireworks that marks the start of this Day. The Statue of Liberty is a national monument that is associated with Independence Day.

The Amazing Tulsi Gabbard rightly advocates that we should not forget the selfless sacrifice and invaluable service by the American soldiers. She further adds we should be grateful and salute their spirit to serve others. Tulsi has really taken this into her heart and is not failing to appreciate the soldier’s contribution in achieving America’s Independence. A competent Tulsi Gabbard has such a personality to serve and sacrifice for the society and this is evident from her military career and social efforts she has made for the betterment of the Hawaiians. A true Hawaiian Tulsi has been an example of solidarity, energy and sacrifice. All these create inquisitiveness as how the all rounder Tulsi manages to do so many things at one time and how she is so inspired in times of need. Recently Tulsi tied the knot with her dear friend Abraham and took vows amidst a magnificent beachfront location.

Though we all celebrate this day with great enthusiasm, we must know about the significance of this day. The declaration of independence by United States led them as a role model for other nations who were experiencing the same bitter taste of colonialism. The statement can be supported by the fact that soon after United States got independence, France also revolted against King Louis XVI to gain their independence.

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Modi & Tulsi Gabbard Meet – Bhagavad Gita glorified by all Spiritual Master & Guru

A meeting to remember – Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Meets US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.

With news of Narendra Modi’s US visit all over the news and media world, this meeting of two promising visionaries – Modi and Tulsi Gabbard is really a notable event in history. On one hand, Narendra Modi, a great example of definitive leadership and on the other hand Tulsi Gabbard a wonderful example of sacrifice & self-less service. Their achievements and successes are not unknown to the whole world.

Their spirit to serve the society has made them famous and respectable. Mr Modi laying his initial foundation stone of success in Gujarat state in India and gradually spreading this momentum to the whole of India. He follows the principle of Mahatma Gandhi and puts his best efforts to the development of the poor in terms of economic reforms and overall growth. He inspires and has succeeded in making the development and progress of the nation as people’s own movement. On the other hand, Tulsi started her journey from his beautiful homeland, Hawaii; she has dedicated her life to serving others. She has served the state legislature at a very young age, served the military, stood for social issues, inspires for local development of small businesses. She is a sincere follower of the spiritual teachings of Bhagavad Gita, which is accepted as the crest jewel of all scriptures by all spiritual master or guru. Lord Krishna the Guru & Spiritual Master of Warrior Arjuna spoke this wonderful transcendental literature for the benefit of the mankind. Her magnanimity and true efforts for the people of Hawaii has been recognized and she is the first female war veteran to be elected to Congress.

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India & US – The Journey so far

India emerged from the post-colonial era as the largest independent democracy in the world. One in seven people born in this world are born in India—actually, the number’s a little more than one in seven. India has nuclear weapons. India has the largest potential consumer base. Despite all of these, India is often overshadowed in discussions of US foreign policy. President Barack Obama’s foreign policy has been characterized as a “pivot to Asia,” which focuses on the administration’s focus on East Asia, but ignores the future of India-US relations.

Almost immediately after Indian independence, talks between American and Indian leaders commenced. President Truman was the first to receive Indian President Nehru, and President Eisenhower was the first US President to visit newly independent India. Like many relationships cultivated in WWII and the years immediately after, it didn’t take long for the US-Indian relationship to get sucked into Cold War tensions. When President Carter enacts the Nuclear Nonproliferation Act, aimed at containing the spread of nuclear weapons, particularly to prevent them from spreading to communist countries, India refuses to comply, and tensions reach an all-time high. The source of those tensions, mainly India’s nuclear development and plans, continued to plague US-Indian relations. Despite those tensions, though, meetings between heads of state continued. In the early years of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, India and the United States signed a new Defense Framework for counterterrorism efforts.

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