Learn the Secrets of Success from Top Business Leaders

Success is drawn out of a very thin line between believing oneself and quitting. Success, in fact, is a huge phenomenon which is not easily quantifiable on few criteria. A solid reflection of success always flares up from the life of successful entrepreneurs. With a dynamic nature of their work, it isn’t exaggerated if said; they are the most vulnerable group of people in the debate of success and failure. Their gains are either very large or their losses are enormous. However, the making of a successful business leader is very unlike undergoing a course of merit and guaranteeing you a job. It’s much bigger than that. Each step, each day, bring a plethora of learning and practical experience for you. Business leaders and their biographies are such an inspiration for the whole world that anyone can learn a lot out of them. In our endeavor to understand secrets of success of business leaders, let’s analyze three famous business barons of the world and their respective beliefs.

Warren Buffet and His Secrets

Warren Buffet, an investor, whose fortune is worth $70 billion today, started his journey from the ground level. In 1950, he was worth less than $10,000, but he always knew, that’s not his worth. This man of distant vision kept his investments working for him. One can easily say, it is luck, but then even luck is got to be lucky to click on so many occasions for someone to succeed. The credit of Warren Buffet’s success is clearly owed to his business secrets and beliefs that have been part of a journey of most famous business leader.


Invest in Yourself: On Good Morning America, Warren Buffet once said, “Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do– anything that improves your own talents.” Isn’t that so true? Your whole lifespan can fall short if you have a knack for learning new things. But, a wise man can surely identify the things, education, training, etc, one need to possess in order to excel in his respective field. These facets of life do always help you to improve and reach higher milestones once older ones are reached.

Change your Bad Habits: We all have bad habits, irrespective of what profession we are in. But, very few only realize their bad quality. And in a worst case scenario, even after identifying their bad habits, you are entrapped in it. In a lecture to University of Florida students, Warren Buffet said, “I see people with these self-destructive behavior patterns. They really are entrapped in them.” He also believed that bad habits are very easy to get ridden off at a young age and eventually it becomes harder to overcome it, as people grow older. He thinks it’s relatively comfortable to throw away your bad habit at its early stage, as once it becomes stronger a habit; things won’t be easy at all to conquer.

Never Risk Something, which is very important: Taking risk is one of those difficult things that entrepreneurs have to do more often than not for their business. Lecturing to a class of the University of Florida, Warren Buffet explained, why not to take a risk with something that is important, for a thing which is not very important. The whole notion here is to understand your priorities before taking a risk. The great man with experience said, “It’s not that taking risk is wrong, but do it only for right reasons.” He always believed, “Doesn’t matter what are odds of your success with a risk, if you are taking a risk with something very important to you, for something that is not very important, then that risk in not worth taking, no matter what.”

Warren Buffet’s secrets undoubtedly are the essence of few decades and tested over a period of time.

Steve Jobs and His Vision

Steve Jobs is considered as one of the most creative people in this contemporary group of world’s leading entrepreneurs. His entrepreneurial acumen was spotless, and his secrets of success are sublime. As a young entrepreneur, one will never ignore his genius while learning the tricks of becoming successful. This man’s vision is one of the reasons, why Apple Inc. is the largest brand in the world today. Hopefully, his secrets to success will inspire us.

changing the world steve-jobs quotes

Do What You Love and Love What You Do: Mr. Steve Jobs had a strong belief that “People with passion will change the world for better.” With that, he meant people who are passionate for their work are more likely to make the world a better place. Therefore, it is important that you know what you are passionate about and do the work you love. Only then you will love what you have done.

Connect with Experienced People: Jobs always believed that people with more life experiences are more likely to bring about changes which can benefit the whole world. He used to say, “Creativity is connecting things.” According to Jobs, one should connect with people from various fields. This opens up completely new horizons for you as a person and as an entrepreneur as well. He always wanted people to connect with ideas from different learning fields, as it helps creative people to connect with each other.

Ability to Make Right Choices: As a leader, Steve Jobs always believed in making right choices. When Jobs joined Apple in 1997, in two years he brought down Apple’s 350 products catalog to 10 flagship products. By taking this step, he wanted his best team to work on each flagship product and focus on its development. After employing these changes, he was also able to concentrate on improving Apple’s products and bringing best out of his creative team.

Steve Jobs ideologies can be easily implemented into your personal life. Observing these practices may take some time, but can do wonders for you, once mastered.

Joseph Bismark and His Success Theories 

The man himself believed in success in giving and bringing smiles to many faces, Joseph Bismark is one of the respected entrepreneurs of this era. As a businessman, his entrepreneurial guile can never be underrated and as a human his compassion is unparalleled, as he believes, excellence is creating similarity among people. With so much said and written about his professional brilliance, he is always known for his benevolent acts and most of his success theories also testify his kindhearted instinct. Here is a brief account of his success theories, which is an inspiration for generations to come.

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Empower your Employees: Power gives a sense of accomplishment, and this sense brings loyalty. According to Joseph Bismark, empower your employees, as “each one of them has the potential to do something unique and different”. If you want to derive their best output in any given working condition. In any team, communication is a vital tool that keeps everyone updated about the goal of the organization. Communication also helps team members to come up with better ideas and empowerment allows them to come forward.

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The creativity of team doesn’t die in improper communication. Many a time, employees just hold back from sharing their ideas due to lack of powers, which is never a good sign for any enterprise. The business model, where employees are empowered, brings self-commitment from every team member. They set their own goals and make all efforts to reach there. A great leader always loves to see his team’s involvement in various business processes.

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Self Motivation: Every approach of Joseph Bismark has always believed in self-motivation and self-belief. Both these aspects are very close to each other, and we shall see his idea of self-motivation. According to him, self-motivation has two different faces. Firstly, every entrepreneur needs to self-motivate himself, and secondly, he must ensure self-motivation for his team. Self-motivation for his team can be regulated by various factors like payment, work environment, sense of accomplishment from the job, etc. On the other hand, self-motivation for businessman himself is dependent on a completely different set of factors. Another very important thing is self-motivation has a relative approach. It is not a scientific formula, which can apply to everyone in any given situation. Some individual drive self-motivation from spending time with family while some simply get motivated by the progress of their business. Some like adventure for pumping up their mood, some like to listen to music. In such a scenario, as a business leader, you need to realize what things infuse confidence in you and become a source of self-motivation for you. As he always says, “My motivation is in my family and his upbringing in an ashram.”

Learning from Mistakes: First and foremost advice for entrepreneurs is to avoid mistakes as much as possible. But, that is virtually impossible. Man makes mistakes, and we have stories of people, who have made huge fortunes from their mistakes as well. But, whether wheel of fortune spin in your favor or not, is not known. As it is said, “Committing a mistake once is a mistake, committing the same mistake again, is a habit.” QI group always believed in learning from his mistakes. In his lifetime, he also made some mistakes, but he always takes pride in learning from his mistakes. When Joseph Bismark first contributed as the founding partner, his incorporation as a startup in 1998, little did he know that he will face serious problems in early days? Any business, as a startup, facing such situation can easily disintegrate.

Life is a roller coaster ride quotes by Joseph Bismark (4)

But, the willpower and patience of Joseph Bismark did not prove him a quitter; he learned his lessons and got back to work with more focus than ever before. It is only a matter of time when things started falling into place again for him. In the whole process, he invested on himself by training and educating himself of various doses of entrepreneurship.

Improve Management Skills: Everyone should be good at managerial skills to have a clean desk at the end of the day. Joseph Bismark as a kid always used to wonder, how his mother is so good at managing so many works at the time and look after requirements of all the family members. It was only when he founded his startup; he realized that his mother is one of the best managers in the world. As a matter of fact, all mothers of the world are. Joseph Bismark always believed and propagated the idea of improving management skills. In the context of entrepreneurs, he always said, “Without good managerial skills, your time at the office will usually be longer.” He always has a very strict working schedule for himself at the office and always tried to finish each day’s work by every evening. He used to say, “If you don’t finish today’s work today itself, at the end of the month, you have almost 10-12 days of pending work.” And that with a simple calculation accounts for over 100 days or three months of pending work for you in a year. Joseph Bismark also explained few tricks, which can help one to finish their work on time every day. He suggests prioritizing of work as one of the better ways to manage your work.

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As soon as you step into the office, you must focus on identifying the priority of works. Works must be dealt in an order of priority. Works of utmost priority must be looked after first, moderate nature works come later and work with lesser priority at the last. The vision of Joseph Bismark is also isn’t particularly very friendly with people having the habit of wasting time at work. These days particularly, people use social media or starts writing personal emails during work hours, which is very unethical. Doing these activities during office hours slows down your productivity and always must be condemned. As an entrepreneur, you must refrain yourself from all these activities. Not only observing this practice improves your productivity, it sets an example for rest of your colleagues and employees.

Besides all the above secrets of success by leading business leaders, wannabe entrepreneurs must also show a good degree of discipline in their professional and personal life. As many business leaders say, if you aren’t disciplined in your personal life, it’s difficult to fake it in your professional life.