Learn the Secrets of Success from Top Business Leaders

Success is drawn out of a very thin line between believing oneself and quitting. Success, in fact, is a huge phenomenon which is not easily quantifiable on few criteria. A solid reflection of success always flares up from the life of successful entrepreneurs. With a dynamic nature of their work, it isn’t exaggerated if said; they are the most vulnerable group of people in the debate of success and failure. Their gains are either very large or their losses are enormous. However, the making of a successful business leader is very unlike undergoing a course of merit and guaranteeing you a job. It’s much bigger than that. Each step, each day, bring a plethora of learning and practical experience for you. Business leaders and their biographies are such an inspiration for the whole world that anyone can learn a lot out of them. In our endeavor to understand secrets of success of business leaders, let’s analyze three famous business barons of the world and their respective beliefs.

Warren Buffet and His Secrets

Warren Buffet, an investor, whose fortune is worth $70 billion today, started his journey from the ground level. In 1950, he was worth less than $10,000, but he always knew, that’s not his worth. This man of distant vision kept his investments working for him. One can easily say, it is luck, but then even luck is got to be lucky to click on so many occasions for someone to succeed. The credit of Warren Buffet’s success is clearly owed to his business secrets and beliefs that have been part of a journey of most famous business leader. Continue reading →